Real Estate Investment Post-Covid 19

Darya Homes on July 10, 2020

The situation of uncertainty and economic instability caused by the coronavirus has affected all the upheavals in the economy. The spanish real estate sector is one of them. However, they are already seeing the first movements that mark that the residential market continues to be one of the sure bets for investors for being a safe haven.

After the period of confinement there have been cases of real estate assets that have seen their price reduced. But those affected in good situations or strategic positions have not lowered their amount and are not expected to experience large reductions in the medium term. Actors such as funds and private investors have already reactivated the search for real estate..

Currently, there are two variations of behavior in investors: those who have quickly returned to activity to accelerate market opportunities; and the reagents, which adopt precautionary positions until everything is clarified with the specific opportunity costs

What does the experts recommend? Do not delay your decision-making because the recovery will be in ‘U shape’. Which means prices won’t drop any further according to the statements collected by inmodiario.

The real estate sector as a safe haven

Experts from the real estate sector predict that housing will remain as a safe haven and more in a possible context of the re-emergence of COVID-19. The residential market, as we have already pointed out, will hardly suffer price adjustments.

We are facing a segment characterized by lower volatility. Although it is true that it is not the most profitable investment, but it is the safest in the long term since it has less risk than equity investments.

Interest in residential properties has been maintained during the state of alarm, although to a lesser extent, data that has been improving and recovering the figures from before the confinement. Along with it, the soil segment, the number of visits prior to the health crisis has increased.

The recommendation is to invest in urban centers. As a protection against inflation and is less volatile than the equity market.

mercado residencial

Darya Home’s residential projects

At Darya Homes we currently have different active residential developments. We have recently launched our last bet in the capital. Almagro Residences , in Santa Engracia, 3, is our prime property in the heart of Madrid. A building of eight luxury homes of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, including two penthouses with a private terrace and pool. Owners will be able to choose between different distribution and customization alternatives to get the home that best suits their lifestyle.

On the other hand, we just landed in Barcelona. In the Horta – Guinardó neighborhood, L Atmosfera , a project of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes, all with a terrace and magnificent common areas unique in the area: large expanse of green areas (more than 1,600 m 2 ) on the premises closed and pool.

Now that you know the current situation and perspectives of the Spanish residential market as well as our residential development, contact us here for more information.

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