Ponzano: the new hot spot for dinning in Madrid

Darya Homes on June 12, 2020

Talking about Ponzano street means talking about gastronomy. Its approximately one thousand meters in length gather a large number of trendy restaurants and bars. It is the ideal area to snack, eat or dine in the company of our own. Also, there is always a good atmosphere and people of all ages, whether summer or winter. For this reason, in this article we want to tell you about the best restaurants in Ponzano, so that you can enjoy them.

Ponzano street is the gastronomic mile of Madrid in recent times. Modern and carefully decorated premises, full of authentic foodies, that seek product quality first and foremost. This street is located in the Chamberí district, between the Almagro and Ríos Rosas neighbourhoods, very close to the latter is our promotion Santa Engracia 129 . A classic-style building with polished finishes to the smallest detail and first-class amenities. A great opportunity to live near some of the most fashionable restaurants in the capital, do you want to know them? Keep reading this post.

The best restaurants in Madrid‘s calle Ponzano

Calle Ponzano is one of the best options in terms of gastronomic proposals in Madrid . That is why we have prepared a guide with 5 of the favorite restaurants. This way you will know where to go, with whom and what to ask for. Join the #ponzaning fashion.

  • Despecie Room. It is one of the most original and daring restaurants for tapas in Madrid. A place that looks more like a laboratory than a bar. It is surprising as soon as you enter because the door handle is that of a cold room, the floor is plastic with rounded corners and the taps open with the elbow. It has a wide bar to eat standing up. All products are top quality and fresh, coming directly from the fish market. Gastronomic proposals that will delight the most demanding palates.
  • Teje Maneje. Two different locations, side by side, but sharing the same card. Teje has the perfect bar to go for an aperitif or after work, perfect to have a few servings with a good wine or a vermouth. While Driving is the perfect place for a dinner with family or friends in a fun environment. They offer classic recipes but with a touch of modern cuisine. The place has a decoration from the 20s, reminiscent of groceries and breweries of that time.
  • Toque de Sal. A benchmark of market cuisine with a French-style atmosphere where you breathe elegance in every corner of the place. Its great tastings are the steak tartare, the broccoli salad Navarra or chicken curry croquettes. The dishes on the menu have been made with products from the Mediterranean diet, but with a French touch. At the entrance there is a small bar, where they serve from breakfast to snacks, although it also has some high tables.
  • The Chamberí Machine. One of those places that never disappoints and that has one of the liveliest bars on Ponzano Street . The menu includes traditional dishes with the highest quality raw materials. It has three spaces: a bar at the entrance to taste a multitude of skewers and portions; an interior living room overlooking the kitchen; and a terrace with a beautiful vertical garden.
  • Le Qualité Tasca. A small cozy place with only 6-8 Nordic style wooden tables and chairs from different backgrounds. An establishment where they treat their first quality raw materials with great care. You can have lunch or dinner sitting at their tables or simply have a drink at the bar and follow the route of the Ponzano street bars. One of its characteristics is its extensive wine list. In addition, they can be tasted by the glass, not requiring the full bottle to be consumed.

Enjoying the thousands of restaurants on Ponzano street every weekend and with hardly any travel, has an easy solution. At Darya Homes we offer in this Chamberí district two promotions of Housing: Santa Engracia, 129 and Palafox , 9. We are specialists in creating homes in the centre of large cities, with the latest technologies and avant-garde materials.

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