Olavide Square: the other Chamberí.

Darya Homes on February 7, 2020

Plaza de Olavide acts a the doorway to enter the historical neighbourhood of Chamberi. The tree-lined plaza corner that everyone who lives or has passed through Madrid at some point, and that is that for many, Madrid begins and ends in Olavide. There are no cars here, you are in the center of the city but you are also far away. It is from these places where you want to live.

Olavide is that place that does not fail when you want a terrace. It is the most bustling, familiar and fun corner of Chamberí. Olavide goes to that, to his terraces, to chop something and take some reeds under his trees. When summer squeezes in its streets it may be the most grateful places in the city. It’s been a while since Olavide Square in Chamberí has become an essential children, young and old. Pedestrian, shaded and with a good atmosphere is one of the best options to cool off on hot days or sunbathe in spring and autumn.

Finding a new residential development in Chamberí, especially right next to Plaza de Olavide is extremely difficult. The demand is high and newly built residences are rare. Which means units located in this area sell almost instantaneously.

On the weekends, the plaza is filled with young families playing in the park, groups of friends chatting, lovers sitting on the benches and dogs enjoying their daily walk. The children’s scream of joy intermingles with the murmurs of conversation and dogs enjoying an outdoor space difficult to find in others equally central areas.

In Olavide, from breakfast to drinks

That Olavide is the place to be does not escape anyone, so if you want to enjoy its terraces, you will have to arrive soon. Once you take a place, it will not be easy to get up and leave.

The square is surrounded by bars and restaurants, most of them prepared to offer you from breakfast to drinks after dinner. The specialty of many of these places is the omelette with peppers and salad. For that, our favorite will always be Kibey II. If this option does not convince you, you may not resist mixed potatoes from the Rainbow bar.

Breakfasts are the most modern option. For just 2 euros you can order the famous Mediterranean breakfast consisting of coffee with milk and tomato bar from Casa Puebla. A luxury Sunday to recover from the excesses of Saturday night. If you go there at about 12:30 you will cross on the terrace with others who have breakfast, grandparents making the vermouth and eating squid, foreigners looking for a table to eat … a cosmopolitan place that brings together all the profiles of the city.

However, not only tortilla and salad lives Olavide. At the gastronomic level you can enjoy other options, such as the ecological cuisine of Mamá Campo, a modern place halfway between the charming restaurant and the ecological grocery store. Quality cuisine made entirely with organic products and with an extra care in all the details.

Lili’s is another of the gastro options that renew Olavide’s offer. Located in its northwest corner, it is a bit far from the noise of the great concentration of bars which allows it to have a quieter terrace space. The decoration, by the Russian architect Elena Kardash, is inspired by elegant and avant-garde rooms, playing with mirrors, metal and the warm velvet of the chairs and sidewalks of its wide bar. To enter here is to leave Olavide a bit. And that’s fine too.

Live in Olavide Square

And who would not like to live in Olavide Square? In Darya Homes we know it, that’s why we make available to those most demanding clients our exclusive Palafox 9 project, a promotion of 10 unique homes in the heart of this more alternative and young Chamberí. A project that offers one and two bedroom homes, all with magnificent rooms with balconies on Palafox Street.

A housing development that perfectly reflects the spirit of Olavide: the ideal combination between a traditional and avant-garde neighborhood at the same time.

More information about our homes in Palafox 9: https://www.daryahomes.com/promociones-a-la-venta/palafox-9/

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