Living in Madrid’s Refurbished Historical Building

Darya Homes on June 5, 2020

The lack of space and building land in large cities such as Madrid has made the rehabilitation of historic buildings more than necessary as an exit from the real estate market. High demand and low supply have also been key factors in driving the renovated buildings in Madrid. But what makes them so special? Why are they a good investment option? We analyze the reasons that make more and more people bet on this type of housing.

Why live in a refurbished building in Madrid?

Historical refurbishment is considered a vital engine for the revitalization of the Spanish real estate sector. Specifically in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Here are four reasons why we think living in a refurbished building in the centre of Madrid is a great idea:

Historical charm: Being a part of Madrid’s historical legacy through living in its classical buildings is the first reason why we think choosing a refurbished residence tolive. Chooshing a building with character, which has seen other times, people, pass by, has witnessed the advancement of society. Now thanks to our meticulous refurbishment, you can own a piece of Madrid’s history.

Exclusive product. The fusion between classic and modern interior results in a real property that very few have in their hands. A house with a personality that has the character that was impregnated when it was built and to which avant-garde touches have been added, adapting its functionality to the present.

Bigger floor size . Old houses are known to have more square meters on most occasions. Everyone knows a friend or family member who has an old house with several rooms and a large hallway. All this space restored to the current time results in a more than comfortable home.

Amenities Thanks to the comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings, you can include numerous amenities that until now were not present in the property. Among them, the swimming pool, gym, common terrace, gardens, storage rooms or garages stand out. These spaces are obtained by taking better advantage of the existing meters and modifying others that were formerly used for another purpose.

Refurbished Historical buildings in Madrid by Darya Homes

edificios rehabilitados Madrid
Our residential development in calle Santa Isabel 9, Madrid by Darya Homes.

At Darya Homes we are specialists in the comprehensive rehabilitation of classic buildings to adapt to current market trends . We currently have two new recently commercialized promotions with which to access a renovated house in Madrid.

Santa Engracia, 129. In the acclaimed district of Ríos Rosas, very close to the financial center, shopping area and famous gastronomic street of Ponzano, is this building with a classic façade. Its exterior aesthetics has been maintained while the interior is the result of a comprehensive rehabilitation process by the renowned studio Touza Arquitectos. In total, 20 homes that combine the forefront of the market offering the best finishes and prime amenities.

Santa Isabel, 9. Living in an area steeped in history such as the Literature neighborhood of Madrid and also in a classic building steeped in history is what this promotion brings to the city. In Santa Isabel, 9 after having first-class homes in the center of the capital, there are also facilities such as a swimming pool and gym. But what adds an extra value to this project is its gourmet room and interior gardens.

We know the importance and value of this type of housing, so from Darya Homes we will continue betting on rehabilitated buildings in Madrid. If you want to know more about them or are interested in any of our current promotions for sale, you can contact us here.

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