Living in Madrid’s city center

Darya Homes on April 3, 2020

All of us at some point have dreamed of living in the centre of a great city like Madrid. We imagine ourselves residing in the urban centre of the capital surrounded by all kinds of amenities, close to our work and the children’s school, great restaurants …

And it is that Madrid has a great quality of life, a wide range of leisure and culture and an enviable public transport network. In addition, it preserves a great cultural heritage and has a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Features that make more and more famous decide to live in the centre of Madrid. Many of the capital’s great buildings have enormous historical value and are in high demand. At Darya Homes we have several promotions in the centre of Madrid, in historic buildings that we have transformed into dream homes.

Why live downtown?

Living in the center of Madrid has a series of advantages such as the following:

  • Culture & Entertainment. You will be close to the best cinemas, theaters, museums and shows. You can go during the week or on weekends to see the best performances or exhibitions in the country. In addition, in almost all areas of the center you have the possibility of entering top brand stores. You find everything you want without having to take public transport or the car. In addition, all establishments have great flexibility of schedules.
  • Quick commute. Traffic is one of the biggest problems in Madrid, something that is avoided if you live in the center, since most of the traffic jams are formed to enter the city. Living in the center of Madrid allows you to use public transport and get to work or anywhere in a short time. In addition, the center of Madrid has the advantage of having a great offer of schools.
  • Gastronomy. In the centre of Madrid are the most exclusive restaurants in the capital. Places with high-quality products and where you can taste authentic delicacies whenever you want and without major displacements. You will find restaurants with both modern and traditional cuisine. In addition, there will be no problem having a glass of wine, since afterwards, it will not be necessary to take the car to go home.
  • Fitness & Sports. For jogging there are several parks in the centre of Madrid such as El Retiro or Canal de Isabel II. Places that provide quality of life. Also in the urban area, there are a high number of very complete sports facilities and gyms to practice all kinds of physical activities.
Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro

Best neighbourhood to live in Madrid

The center of the capital is so big that it has areas for all kinds of people and tastes. Below, we share the best downtown neighborhoods to live in Madrid:

Chamberí. It is one of the best areas to live in Madrid. It gathers all the services that someone would like to have at their disposal: schools, hospitals, parks, museums, theaters, atmosphere in the streets, restaurants … That is why it is always in the sights of those looking for a home in the capital. Darya Homes offers two development in this district: Santa Engracia 129 y Palafox 9.

Barrio de Salamanca. his area is one of the most central in Madrid. It is the right place for those who like to reside in a prime area. It has big couture brands and a multitude of services. It also has the advantage of its proximity to the Retiro Park and the Paseo de la Castellana. In this exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, two of our outstanding promotions could not be missing, such as Alcalá 141 y Hermosilla.

Chamartín. Another of the interesting places in the centre of Madrid is the Chamartín district since in this area there are several outstanding companies. In addition, it has very close places such as the Berlin Park, the Santiago Bernabéu or the National Music Auditorium.

Tetuán. This district stands out for its proximity to the financial center of Madrid such as Nuevos Ministerios, an area full of large buildings and skyscrapers. At Darya Homes we have in this neighbourhood Jardines de Cuatro Caminos, a design project that seeks tranquillity in the centre of the capital.

Since you know the advantages of living in the centre of Madrid and the best areas, discover now our contemporary housing promotions. We are committed to the revitalization of the urban centre. What are you waiting for? Living in the centre also means having everything you need close to home, which greatly helps daily life.

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