Interior Design is more essential than ever!

Darya Homes on June 19, 2020

Interior design has become highly relevant in recent times. We can say that it is more relevant than ever! It helps us create spaces and promotes our well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Interior design is a key piece in any project. It ensures the aesthetic values required for the success of any home and fosters the creation of a safe, effective, functional environment with easy maintenance. That is why we believe that interior design is more relevant than ever.

In homes it is important to have a good distribution, with pleasant colors and shades , to be comfortable with the environment around us and with ourselves and our family members. At Darya Homes we know the importance of these characteristics and that is why some of the most influential interior designers of the last years.

The best Spanish interior designers

Design seeks to create a balance between the aesthetics and the functionality of all the elements of any space. Therefore, the objective of any interior designer is to project attractive and functional installations. In addition, they must plan, research, coordinate and manage these projects to obtain a suitably healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who will use it. Below, we talk about some of the best interior designers of the moment.

  • Laura Gärna. It has established itself as a benchmark in the world of home interior design. He carries out 360 projects, which include the design, reform, construction and decoration of homes and offices. A team that always works in search of beauty and a job well done. At Darya Homes we have collaborated a lot with Laura Gärna both in our Madrid office and in Garcia de Paredes 64.
  • Raul Martins. The values that identify it are design, quality, exclusivity and personalized treatment. It is surprising that their study is their old house, the reason is that the house was renovated by them. In this way, your clients can see first-hand the work they have previously done. For him, interior design is not just decorating, he has to go through some stages such as the colours he can put, and thus give a special touch to each project. Raul Martins has also worked on some of our housing projects such as in Jardines del Paseo del Prado.
prado salón
Raul Martins for our penthouse of Jardines del Paseo del Prado, 46.
  • Lorenzo Castillo. They call him the king of antiques since he started his career as an antique dealer when, when he finished his studies, he opened his first store in the Barrio de Las Letras. From there he went on to design. Its main characteristics are: light, textiles as the protagonists, geometries and period furniture. He went on to win AD magazine’s Decorator of the Year award in 2014. Castillo has created wonderful hotels for the Room Mate chain, restaurants such as Hispania in London and Brussels and Loewe stores in Asia.
  • Tomás Alía. The interior designer of hotels, light and color. His is the design of many of the hotels in the Room Mate chain for which he is now designing a new establishment in Rome. His style is risky because he always bets on the future and innovation. It also stands out for the mix, the reuse of materials and the importance of light. He uses many saturated colors such as magenta, orange, red or green, which causes a great impact and identifies him as a great designer.
  • Belén Domecq. For 20 years he has directed the interior design studio Grupo Cosmic. Create harmonious, elegant and refined spaces. Of those that do not go out of style. Use noble materials because you consider that they coexist in a subtle way over time and create beauty from imperfection. Like, for example, woods, stones, marbles or metals. For her the luxury in decoration is the space, the meters, the natural light and the forceful materials.

Now that you know the importance of interior design in a home, if you want to acquire a residence, in Madrid or on the Costa del Sol, designed by some of the best interior designers in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us at +34 900 441 111 or by email at

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