The best art galleries in Malaga

Darya Homes on October 30, 2020

Art in Andalusia, and more specifically in the province of Malaga, is not only in its streets, its landscapes, its architecture, its flowers, in short, in all its charm as a region. It is also present in the multitude of art galleries that emerge thanks to local specialists and artists who want to share their passion with others. In the cradle of the outstanding Picasso, it is noteworthy that we are in the land of artists. Go ahead, we invite you to stroll among some of the best art galleries in Malaga.

5 art galleries in the province of Malaga

Taller Gravura

Four decades guarantee this gallery located in the historic center of the city. The exhibitions that the center hosts are monthly (at the present time the periodicity may vary) and revolve mainly around original graphic work, work on paper and sculpture. In this art gallery an important diffusion work of intaglio engraving has been developed with the holding of numerous workshops and classes.

Ifergan Collection

This place was born with the aim that all lovers of History, Archeology, collectors or simply those who want to start collecting ancient art have the possibility of being able to own a piece of history of our past at home and within reach from all pockets. Where to find it? In Sebastián Souvirón street, 9, Málaga.

Galería Valmar

This original online gallery has a permanent exhibition at the request of clients, and specializes in Latin American art with special emphasis on Cuban art. But its physical presence is found in the old town of Malaga.

Galería de Arte Stoa

Entering one of the hearts of Malaga, the city of Estepona leaves us this center that focuses all its efforts on the primary market, the international launch of emerging artists, not established, as well as the commercialization of more established artists.

Galeria de Prado

This is another of the galleries that distinguish the city of Estepona as a focus of art in the province of Malaga. Its mission is to pay tribute to the great master artists and support emerging artists to execute their original and unique quality works. Above all, creations in larger sizes but at much smaller realistic prices.

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