Famous Architects and Interior Designers essential to new Residential Developments

Darya Homes on April 24, 2020

The Spanish real estate market, specifically, the residential segment, increasingly puts more means to attend to details. It is no longer just about building a robust building with good insulation and a roof that takes a long time to repair, even if it is never necessary. When building a property, you must also pay attention to the importance of it being designed with outstanding expertise, including interior design. Today we are going to point out in our blog how the residential area welcomes famous architects and interior designers.

The trend of housing developments being projected and designed by the best architects and interior designers is gathering strength in the main projects in the capital, as well as in different parts of the country. At Darya Homes, we know how important it is for a good home that bets on details and has the best hands in each area.

Renowned Architecture and Design in Madrid‘s city center

Some of our Madrid developments have had the collaboration of the following architects and designers of famous interiors

Ortiz y León. With offices in Miami and Shanghai, in addition to Madrid, this architectural firm has received numerous international awards and its functions also include interior design, programming and master planning services for both the public and private sectors. They offer the completion of a project from start to finish.

Arata Arquitectos. Under the leadership of Moisés García, this study has professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Specialized in the real estate world as urban architects, they also combine their rehabilitation works with exhibition halls, commercial premises and restaurants.

Julio Touza. His studio, founded more than 40 years ago, has already developed more than 2,000 projects, especially in the residential field. His work is oriented as a service to society, and by objective to provide well-being to the inhabitants of the building, providing, in addition to his experience in technical and functional needs, care in beauty.

Rafael Robledo. Specialized in the development of prime residential projects, this exclusive architecture studio optimizes the time of its clients, making it possible to save both time and costs in planning the project, as well as in processing urban planning licenses at the Madrid City Council.

Antonio Ruiz Barbarin. He founded his predecessor in 1985, beginning his activity in Spanish territory and later expanding into countries such as China, Thailand, Ecuador, Brazil and Russia. His works have covered the pages of international magazines and awards such as The Architecture Master Prize 2019, Baumit Prize 2018, COAM Prize for several years and ASPRIMA-SIMA Prize 2017, among others.

DL+A Arquitectos. Multidisciplinary study with 25 years of experience in the professional practice of architecture, engineering and interior design, linked to teaching and research activities. Likewise, to offer a plus, it regularly collaborates with OVE ARUP, Úrculo Ingenieros, Valladares Ingeniería, Gogaite, Calconsa, etc.

Enrique Alvarez – Sala. The experience and collaboration with their homonyms have guided the trajectory of this study. With more than 30 years of expertise behind it, under the name of Rubio & Álvarez-Sala the SyV tower, the urban intervention of Madrid Río were built together with Burgos & Garrido, Porras & LaCasta and West8 or the headquarters of Indra in Alcobendas and Barcelona.

Darya Homes bespoke Architecture and Interior Design

For the construction and design of our residential developments in Madrid, at Darya Homes we have collaborated with the aforementioned professionals who have given our buildings the unmistakable Darya seal: a totally unique final product according to market trends with first-rate materials and finishes brands. Our maxim for housing promotions is to discover, create and transform. We look for the essence of a building to turn it into an ambitious project that makes us stand out as a benchmark in the construction and rehabilitation of flats in Madrid.

On this occasion we are going to highlight our homes in Madrid de Santa Isabel, 9, in the Barrio de las Letras, this residential rehabilitation project will bring its inhabitants an oasis of tranquillity, in the heart of the capital.

276/5000If we head northwest, we find Palafox, 9. A few meters from the Plaza de Bilbao and the Plaza de Chamberí, this excellent building with a classic façade is located, a comprehensive rehabilitation project to live with all the luxuries in a building traditional.

Finally, we highlight Santa Engracia, 129, the purest neo-classic in Ríos Rosas, a few steps from the famous Ponzano street and the unmistakable Paseo de la Castellana. The rehabilitation of this construction has resulted in polished finishes down to the smallest detail and first-class amenities.

If you want to acquire a residence in Madrid projected and designed by famous architects and interior designers, do not hesitate to get one of the Darya Homes promotions.

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