Darya Art Community

We promote creativity.
We support young talents.
We integrate art in our projects.

The commitment to art is part of the DNA of Darya Homes. Since its foundation in 2017, the Darya Art Community initiative promotes artistic talent present in Spain, with the realization of creative initiatives integrated into our residential projects, through acquisitions, contests, pop-ups and exhibitions.

Our commitment to art goes beyond the simple purchase of works. We offer the new generation unique opportunities to create works in situ that allow them to integrate into the world of work and develop their talent in all phases of construction of our projects.

Urban art, landscaping, interior design, sculpture, painting, photography: all forms of artistic expression are welcome at Darya Art Community!

We collaborate with young artists, designers, art galleries, museums, neighborhood associations, town halls and universities in order to promote and support artistic creation in Spain.

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