The most original houses in Spain

Darya Homes on October 2, 2020

A home is a place that meets the basic characteristics of habitability for one person or several. But these aspects should not be at odds with originality in forms, interiors and avant-garde designs, fusion, vintage, etc. Today on the Darya Homes blog we want to take a tour of the most original houses in Spain. of our borders).

Some are inhabited, others for sale, and others are used for tourist accommodation and / or for events. What unites them is their uniqueness in the face of current conventions.

5 very unique national buildings

The container house (El Tiemblo, Ávila).

In 2010, the architecture firm James & Mau set out to give a twist to the industrial style and go directly to the fusion of container blocks as if they were Lego pieces. In this way, this original 190-square-meter house arose at the foot of the Sierra de Ávila.

The narrowest house in Spain (Valencia).

In the Plaza Lope de Vega, in the center of Valencia, is this endearing building with only 107 centimeters of facade. This is because in the past the houses were paid by meters of facade, which is why it was made so narrow. On the ground floor was the family business, a jewelry store, and years later, the entire house passed into the hands of the owner of the bar that is currently located next door, La Estrecha.

Palace in front of the Escorial (Madrid)

Commissioned by King Felipe II, it is located a very short distance from the famous Escorial monastery. After the confiscation of Mendizábal it passed into private hands and from there to the present day. It has 19 bedrooms, 300 square meters of terrace and a total area of ​​approximately 28.3 hectares. Its price? 8.5 million euros.

Industrial houses.

It is increasingly common to find lofts in industrial estates in large cities. Many warehouses are being converted into open-plan duplexes where freelancers establish their residence (since by law, it is illegal to live in a polygon if it is not combined with work).

The wagon house (Murcia).

The ultimate expression of recycling. This is how these houses were devised on the Murcian coast, from train wagons that derailed and ended up being cozy very colorful holiday homes today.

Original houses outside of Spain

The Hobbit House (Wales, UK).

Besides being eco-friendly, you can’t deny its originality. With $ 4,700 and four months of time, photographer Simon Dale built this peculiar home. It has a compost toilet, solar panels and a water supply from a nearby waterfall.

Living in a Water Tower (London).

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce bought an old water tower. And eight months later they renovated it and created a modern residence preserving the original structure. The best, the 360º viewpoint with views of the city created with the tower’s water tank.

Cave houses (various locations, including Spain)

Returning to the origins of the human being, but with current comforts, this type of housing arises that merges both eras throughout the planet, from Asia to America, passing through Europe, Africa and even Oceania.

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