Discover the best fusion restaurant in Madrid.

Darya Homes on October 23, 2020

Recipes are constantly evolving, and the next natural step they take is to merge with those of other cultures. Elaborations that cross borders and at the same time generate challenges such as which products are the best fit depending on which ingredient base. All these issues end in the supporters for risking in the mixes, on the one hand, and, on the other, in the most classic when it comes to betting on a mix in the creations. However, they all come together in the following route of the fusion restaurant in Madrid.

5 outstanding fusion restaurants in Madrid

El hombre Pez

A trip from Cantabria to India. This is how they define their cuisine in El hombre Pez. You will find proposals as original as the Tandori Turbot or the Tudanca Meatballs with korma, coconut, saffron and nuts. Where will you find it? On Calle Velázquez 102, in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca.

Tabüla 51

In the well-known Calle Ponzano, at number 51, is this new place, bet of the Flor y Nata group. Fresh from the oven, it presents its fusion menu with starter tapas such as La Carmiña (braised and smoked Galician oyster with sake and warm Asian pickle) or the Taco de cheek of Vaca (purple corn taco from matured cow cheek cooked at a low temperature with Asian pickles). Welcome to the new Asian-Spanish fusion.


In this landmark location in the youthful Argüelles neighborhood, seasonal produce is worked with the personal touch of its young but experienced chef, Agustín González. They propose two tasting menus that differ in price and quantity of dishes, which vary throughout the year.

El Taller

The workshop. Its chef Luis Granados combines in his extensive experience his Lima origin with his career in the kitchens of the capital, and his stages in the kitchens of renowned masters. After this extensive journey, he has found the key in this place where he fuses traditional Peruvian cuisine with Spanish. Its stars are: the foie gras terrine, the ceviche and the cod al pil-pil.


We could not leave out one of the references of one of the most prominent groups in the capital, the La Fábrica group. This place, located next to Plaza Cibeles, on Paseo de Recoletos, 2, takes a trip around the world through its extensive menu. Decide which country you want to travel to through your palate.

Living next to the best fusion restaurant’s in Madrid

Being able to go to any of these places to try your fusion menu at any time of the day, without the need for a car or transport, is possible if you live in one of the promotions that Darya Homes has in nearby locations. An example is our Ríos Rosas promotion (in Santa Engracia, 129). Through these homes you can enjoy the new and incredible recipes of Tabüla 51 whenever you want and without having to travel.

Another option that facilitates access to one of these fusion restaurants in Madrid is Almagro Residences. In calle Almagro number 3 you will be within walking distance of the undoubted quality of the El Hombre Pez menu.

Thanks to The Gardens of Cuatro Caminos, you will go in two steps to the recipes of chef Luis Granados.

Do you already know which promotion will you decide to visit the Spanish omelette route in Madrid?

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