Art Community, the DNA of Darya Homes

Darya Homes on January 15, 2020

If there is something that sets us apart at Darya Homes, it is the close relationship we have with the art world. And not only from an aesthetic and design perspective but because in our DNA as a company it is to enhance the beauty of the cities, of the urban centers where we are located.

This is how Darya Art Community was born, an initiative through which we want to promote the promotion of art through the residential real estate world. In Darya Homes we have a vision: to contribute to making cities more beautiful through art, in all its expressions, incorporating it into our homes.

How does Darya Art Community work?

Darya Art Comunity has already materialized as a social responsibility initiative for the company. Our mission is to promote artists of any discipline to boost their careers through contests or direct commissions for Darya Homes. In this way, as a promoter we have young artists who understand our vision of the housing market, who share the values that we like to reflect in each of our projects and who are willing to improve them by contributing their artistic expression.

So far, Darya Homes has pesto launched several initiatives framed in Darya Art Community.

The first one was in 2017, when, through an ideas competition open to architecture students, in collaboration with the School of Architecture of Malaga, a group of students from the UMA School of Architecture won the prize with their design of a patio with vertical garden, which will be reflected in Darya Estepona. This new housing development in Estepona, is located on the seafront, on the seafront. It is a clearly differential project being located in the urban center of Estepona.

The winning proposal reinterpreted the concept of patio, taking it beyond its traditional use as an element for ventilation and lighting, making it a living, seasonal and flexible space.

In Calatrava 6, the award-winning photographer Eduardo Nave is making a complete photographic tour through the whole process of rehabilitating an emblematic building like this one. The idea is to illustrate the entire process in an author’s book that will come to light when the housing project finishes its construction.

Darya Art Community is a living project, which will be developed as the company’s projects progress. For more information,

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