Acquiring a penthouse, living the high life in Spain

Darya Homes on May 15, 2020

Attics are those real estate works that not many have, among other reasons, because not all buildings can count on them. The most fortunate, in addition, come onto the market with prices that are usually between 20 and 30% more than the rest of the houses in the property. But why is this? We are going to explain why more and more owners want to live in an attic and, above all, why buy an attic today.

Among the most outstanding benefits of these homes stands out having a perfectly usable outdoor space throughout the year, greater tranquility as they are further away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and the exclusivity component that they have associated with being an option with less offer. At Darya Homes, we know the importance of these residences and the reason for those who request them most.

Acquiring a penthouse

Next, we will explain the reasons why living in an attic:

  • Your own private terrace 365 days a year. At a minimum, those who buy an attic have a terrace of an acceptable size in which they can carry out their favorite leisure activities: meetings with family and friends, sports such as Pilates or yoga, reading under the stars or even contemplating them through from a telescope. These square meters scratched to the floor space are the ones that increase its market value.
  • Tranquility. Being located on top of the buildings, even on one of a few floors, they provide greater relaxation by being further away from the bustle of the streets. At the same time, they are usually places that have no more neighbors to share a landing with, and, above all, there are no neighbors upstairs, a definitive enough point to buy an attic, according to many of the owners of one. In addition, tranquility is also provided by the fact that they are private spaces away from prying eyes.
  • Natural light. It is a very practical no-brainer. Being the upper floor, it has natural light most of the time, which in turn implies better health for its inhabitants, favouring the natural air conditioning of the space. It also saves both light and heating.
  • Exclusivity. The low supply and high demand make this real estate product a luxury. Whoever buys an attic buys a treasure. In addition, the views provided by an attic can hardly be obtained from any other property.
  • Long term investment. Along with the aforementioned reasons of low supply and high demand, it is added that they are houses in continuous revaluation, which make them a safe investment.
The Sapphire by Darya Homes, Baya de Estepona, Costa del Sol, Málaga

Darya Homes bespoke penthouse’s

At Darya Homes we have several residential developments for sale that offer this type of residence. In Madrid, practically all of our developments offer penthouses. Some, as in Alcalá 141, exclusivity increases by having the possibility of having a private pool.

Other residential developments in the capital, such as the Gardens of Cuatro Caminos, a 1 to 3-bedroom housing complex made up of 4 buildings with common areas such as swimming pools, garages and storage rooms, are ideal projects in which to buy an attic.

In the south of the Peninsula, our property development on the Costa del Sol, The Sapphire, also has, among its many options, penthouses with an extra plus, sea views from the front line and without obstacles. In addition, it means living in unique architecture and excellent amenities, where the expression of modern life has found its natural home.

If, after all these reasons, you want to buy a penthouse that combines all the aforementioned advantages, at Darya Homes we will be happy to show you our possibilities.

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