How will residential design evolve after Covid-19?

Darya Homes en julio 17, 2020

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has shown the need to improve both the interior and exterior of housing in Spain. Numerous renowned architects and designers agree in their vision that post-covid house design will no longer be conceived in the same way. Therefore, neither built nor designed with the previous standards established in the past centuries.

They point to the fact that by meters and by culture the buildings were not prepared for a situation like the one experienced. Homes were transformed in that the same space was used for multiple functions. Which has shown the need to create rooms that serve multiple purposes. In addition, they also advocate for the self-protection of the property, through materials that are prepared to repel external aggressions and protect residents.

How will residential design be post covid?

The real estate world is aware of the need for a new housing model. Therefore, architects, builders, organizers and professionals in certifying the health of buildings are already advancing on the path of change and reinvention.

Regarding the interior of the houses and their distribution, the static option that had been used until now no longer works. Now, places like the living room can be a play area, a space to throw the ball to the dog or a makeshift office. For this, panels, mobile partitions and sliding doors are proposed to separate spaces and provide versatility.

Another example is that the kitchen can be turned into an office. Just by lowering a panel from the ceiling to the floor that covers the furniture, the fires and the countertop.

Furthermore, they point out that the terraces and balconies have always been a space to gain meters to the house instead of giving them the authentic role that has now been evidenced. Terraces and balconies are the common area in which to interact with others and have an area of ​​disconnection from home.

diseño de casas post covid

On the other hand, improve energy efficiency with measures such as aerothermal, that allows the air conditioning pump to be connected and the energy it generates is used to heat the water for free. With this we benefit the consumption of water with that of light. Added to this is the fact of avant-garde and future-oriented architecture. There will be good orientations, seclusions and diversity that benefit tenants in many ways.

Finally, healthy buildings come first. The health of a building is ensured through certificates such as the Well Certificate. This title is intended to measure a property so that it is free of toxins. It is not only verified when it is built but it expires after three years and a new thorough revision must be carried out.

To obtain this certificate, you have to use materials that do not absorb chemically. In addition, that they are capable of rejecting any type of virus, and ensure that it is not cleaned with any product that makes them lose their effectiveness.

Our residential development available post covid-19

We have recently released our first promotion in Barcelona: L’Atmosfera, a residential development that will have terraces and large common areas (more than 1,600 square meters). The <strong> green spaces will be & nbsp; another of the outstanding features in this project </strong>.

In parallel, the commercialization of our mos prime proposal in Madrid has seen the light, Almagro Residences. Located in the prestigious calle Santa Engracia 3, this building will have eight exclusive homes with the highest quality standards and the leading brands that characterize us. Its spacious rooms, natural light and amenities are the secret that makes it so special.

Both project demonstrate our firm interest in betting on a home fully adapted to the new tastes and preferences of the demand after the situation experienced by COVID-19.

Likewise, other projects from our Madrid portofolio include Ríos Rosas, in calle Santa Engracia 129 and Distrito 2, in calle Embajadores 107, showcases our strong commitment to creating healthy living spaces and surroudings for our residents.

Now the housing paradigm in Spain points to multifunctional residences. Adaptive spaces and autoimmune buildings capable of repelling viruses as well as promoting energy efficiency.


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