Darya Homes, real estate developer with presence in city centres as well as in prime privileged locations near the sea, has founded Darya Art Community in 2017.

Since ancient times if we take a look back we found patrons who subsidized people who had made artistic pieces of interest.

Darya Art Community was born with a clear purpose to research the numerous artistic works that are taking place along the Spanish territory and to promote the growth of young talents. It is creating opportunities for the new generations of artists by focusing in the future.

Through the exploitation of Darya Homes spaces, Darya Art Community aims to promote works of different nature and subject. Those projects can be as different as landscaping or exhibitions projects, going through pop-ups or small artistic essays.

These works are sheltered in different locations as fickle as an industrial-looking retail or a penthouse with exclusive views of the Botanical Garden, leading to a patio in the common areas of a unique building on the seafront.

We collaborate with the best Schools and Universities around the Spanish territory, Galleries and Conservatories.

Darya Art Community I Convocatoria

I Contest
Darya Art Community

In its I Contest Darya Art Community has called the Students of the Architecture University of Malaga to design and propose the new patio and vertical garden that will house the interior of one of our most outstanding promotions, located in Estepona – Costa del Sol, (Darya Estepona). The winner will enjoy and participated in the execution of his design reflecting it in the building along with a professional team.

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