Promoting Creativity

Supporting Emerging Talents

Integrating Art in our Projects

Darya Art Community was founded in 2017 with the clear intention to promote young artistic talent based in Spain. We incorporate creative projects within our residential developments through grants, expositions, pop-ups and our corporate collection.

Our commitment to supporting emerging artists goes beyond acquiring artworks. Our program offers the new generation the opportunity to integrate the workforce, develop their creative skills and take part in every aspects of our projects.

Urban art, landscaping, interior design, painting, sculpture, photography: all artistic expressions are welcomed in Darya Art Community.

We collaborate with Young Creatives, Neighbourhood, Art Galleries, City Councils and Universities in order to promote talent and integrate arts into the daily life of our clients.

Darya Art Community I Convocatoria

I Contest
Darya Art Community

In its I Contest Darya Art Community has called the Students of the Architecture University of Malaga to design and propose the new patio and vertical garden that will house the interior of one of our most outstanding promotions, located in Estepona – Costa del Sol, (Darya Estepona). The winner will enjoy and participated in the execution of his design reflecting it in the building along with a professional team.

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